Your BS stories are getting worse. Well aware.

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Me too, Digg, me too.


Me too, Digg, me too.

Chuck:Next time you forget who you are remember I’m Chuck Bass and I love you.

Dan: That girl is fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful, capable of anything and no man or magazine should be able to take that away from her.

Chuck even saw Blair in relation to himself. He saw her as an extension of himself like him loving her would help her remember who she was. She couldn’t possibly find herself if he didn’t love her. Whereas Dan lists her attributes and describes the real Blair Waldorf. He sees that her latest scheme was due to insecurities, he sees that she is lost and helps her by showing her what he sees in her.

Chair fans logic…



hey you know what would be great

if dan helped blair find herself and supported her and built her up and never tore her down and believed in her and helped to fix her and thought the sun shone out of her ass and basically scored straight a’s at the pacey witter school of being an amazing boyfriend

if after all that

we put her back with the guy that destroyed her in the first place

wouldn’t that be fun delicious juicy!”